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Short Story School is an online learning community for aspiring short story writers. We offer a variety of classes, coaching, and resources to help you improve your writing skills and craft a compelling short story.

Our story

In 2017, Mia started a writing challenge called 12 Short Stories. To complete the challenge writers, have to write one short story per month over 12 consecutive months. It’s a wonderful challenge and writers get an exceptional amount of writing done. Over time, Mia wanted to offer the writers an opportunity to learn more about the craft and have a chance to explore and immerse themselves in short stories.

Mia Botha is a Short Story Writing Coach
Our Membership

Our membership was created to help you improve your writing and become a part of a nurturing writing community.

  • Live classes: We'll teach you the basics of the short story form, including plot, character development, setting, and theme.

  • Writing sessions: We'll show you how to use a variety of writing techniques to create engaging and effective stories.

  • Close readings: We learn from the best, the quirky, the fun and oddly curious short stories. To write well, we have to read plenty and we do that together during our live classes.

  • Craft classes: Practice makes progress and we do plenty of that. Craft classes will focus on specific aspects of short story writing to help you write better short stories.

  • Submissions: We publish lists of competitions and anthologies that are accepting stories to help bring you closer to your dream of publication.

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